An Invitation to Shift (2016)

The Illusory Impressions Project: An Invitation to Shift

April 29-30, 2016

Conclusions are drawn each moment from internal and external impressions. We are not always aware of the influences that form these thoughts and often a change in time, feeling or even weather, can alter the impression made on us. Through live modern dance and live instrumental music, The Illusory Impressions Project hopes to not only engage people in questioning the reasons behind their initial perceptions, but to also challenge people to be open to different ideas before arriving at their final consciousness.  We will give them the opportunity – not often given in life – to reclaim that moment before judgment, and be open to a new impression. This is important because all of these impressions create who we become.

This is a very unique performance exhibit in 5 different places throughout The Mansion.

Preview a tour throughout The Mansion below: